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•  Electricity is included in daily cost but meter read for weekly, monthly, and seasonal. 

• We charge electricity at cost. We charge whatever the electric company charged us.

• We read meters around the 28th of the month but can vary. 

• You are welcome to monitor your meter and get the reading from the office. 

• Remember electric heaters can run $10 a day per heater so stick to propane or bundle up more. 

•  You must sign an electric consent form showing you understand how electric is handled at the campground. 


•  We have a full-service propane refilling station and can even fill RVs.

•  Current price is $20 for a 20lb tank, $28 for 30lb tanks, $36 for a 40lb tank, $96 for a 100lb tank, and all others $4.25 a gallon.

•  No propane tanks(larger than 100lbs) are allowed in the campground.

All deposits must be paid in cash, check, and or by credit card if you are here for more than one weeks.

All credit card charges include a 2.9% surcharge

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