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Our number 1 goal is kid safety so please follow these rules to help us keep your kids safe!


•  Children are only allowed Friday after 5pm till Sunday 5pm from September 1st-June 15th in the campground. 

•  Children are allowed 24/7 June 15th-September 1st. 

•  Home Schooling does not change this rule!

•  Children 11 and Under are free

•  Parents are responsible for their kids safety and must watch them.

•  Bicycles are permitted but must be rode safely and no riding after dusk.

•  Children under 6 must be accompanied by adults.

•  Children under 16 must be on their site by 10pm.

•  No children under 14 in store without an adult. We are trying to get work done and appreciate your help


We love our furry friends but want everyone to enjoy their stay here at Circle 9 so here are some rules to make sure everyone gets along.

No warnings will be given


•  No Pit bulls or Pitbull mixes, (No exceptions).

•  All dogs must be on a leash all the time (No exceptions).

•  No leaving the dog on a chain or lead unattended.

•  No leaving the dog alone in the trailer for extended hours.

•  Dogs feces are to be cleaned up immediately or you will be asked to leave. This includes your own site. We have to go on sites to check utilities, etc, and don't need to step in your pet's mess.

•  Anyone with a dog must have proper cleanup materials with them. If you are caught without them you will be fined $25. 

• Visitor's pets are not allowed.

•  If your dog creates a noise nuisance or is a threat to anyone the dog must leave the property immediately.

•  You must have proof of Rabies vaccination.

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